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The Massage Garden





After being contacted by The Massage Garden, a luxury massage parlour based in Welwyn Garden, we thought it would be a great opportunity to help a local business have a cutting edge website. What do we mean by cutting edge? Well, having a website that displays exactly as designed on desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices and anything inbetween, and code that is so slick, we had to get permission from Teflon(tm)


Responsive Layout using HTML5, XHTML & CSS, bespoke CMS, CakePHP MVC famework, Google Anayltics Integration


Fantasmagorical is a truly fantastic company! The website they made for me ranks among the best I have seen for the alternative health industry and the speed at which it was created was remarkable. Steve really does know his business very well and came up with many great suggestions to enhance the user experience and also my experience when editing content. He helped me to realise my intentions in a fast and detailed manor and was very concise when telling me what he needed from me, making my part of the process enjoyable. Thank you so much!